Simple Marathi Conversation - Software Engineers

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A typical conversation between two software engineers when they meet outside one software park.

Here I have used all the short forms described in the section 

In Marathi conversation use of English words is quite common. So I have kept them as it is instead of giving their Marathi translation. Because use of Marathi synonyms for these will sound bit odd.

So study and enjoy the conversation.

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Hello  - 
:- Hello ( hello )
Hey, how come you are here? You were in ABC company, right ?   -
:- अरे तू इकडे कसा काय ?  तू ABC कंपनीत होतास ना ?
( are tU ikaDe kasA kAy ? tU ABC kaMpanIt hotAs nA ?
Yes. I left it 2 months back. - 
:- हो. दोन महिन्यांपूर्वी मी ती  कंपनी सोडली ( ho. don mahinyAMpUrvI mI tI kaMpanI soDalI )
Wow!! But why did you leave ? 
:- अरे वा !! पण का सोडलीस ? ( are wA. paN kA sodalist )
I was not getting good work there? 
:- तिकडे मला काम चांगलं मिळालं नव्हतं. ( tikaDe malA kAm chAMgalM miLAlM navhatM. )
Which technology did work on ? 
- कुठल्या technology वर काम होतं ( kuThalyA "technology" var kAm hotM ?)
Core Java 
:- कोअर जावा ( koar jAvA )
Which technologies are here ? 
:- इथे कुठली technology आहे ? ( ithe kuThalI "technology" Ahe ? )
Core java and spring, hibernate 
:- Core Java आणि Spring, Hibernate ( Core Java ANi Spring, Hibernate )
Great !! How much hike did you get ? 
:- मस्त ! Hike किती मिळाली ?  ( mast !! "Hike" kitI miLAlI ? )
40%. There I had package of 4. Here I got 5.6 
:- चाळीस टक्के. तिकडे चं package होतं. इथे . मिळालं ( chALIs Takke. tikaDe 4 chaM "package" hotM. ithe 5.6 miLAlM )
Is completely fix ? 
:- पूर्ण fix आहे का ? ( poorN "fix" Ahe kA ? )
No. 0.6 of that is variable. 
:- नाही त्यातलं . variable आहे. ( nAhI tyAtalM 0.6 "variable" Ahe. )
And how much is your total experience ? 
:- आणि एकूण experience किती झाला ? ( ANi ekUN "experience" kitI jhAlA ?)
Eight years 
:- आठ वर्षं ( ATh varShM )
How many years were you there ? 
:- तिकडे किती वर्षं होतास ? ( tikaDe kitI varShM hotAs ? )
4 Years 
:- चार वर्षं ( chAr varShM )
Had you stayed there for one more year, you would have got gratuity 
:- तिकडे अजून एक वर्ष थांबला असतास तर gratuity मिळाली असती ( tikaDe ajUn ek varSh thAMbalA asatAs tar grtuity miLAlI asatI )
Yes. But I was bored there. I could not see growth there 
:- हो. पण कंटाळा आला होता. तिथे काही growth दिसत नव्हती. ( ho. paN kaMTALA aalA hotA. tithe kAhI "growth" disat navhatI. )
How is this company ? 
:- ही company कशी वाटत्ये ? ( hI "company" kashi vATatye ? )
It is good 
:– चांगलीये ( chAMgalIye. )
How much work-pressure ? 
:- Work-pressure कसं आहे  ( “work-pressure” kasaM Ahe )
It is OK. Not much. Work will be "Nine-to-six" 
:- ठीक आहे. इतकं जास्त नाही. "Nine-to-six" काम होतं ( ThIk Ahe. itakaM jAst nAhI.  "Nine-to-six" kAm hotM )
How do you travel to office? 
- Office ला कसा येतोस ? ( "office" lA kasA yetos ? )
By company bus 
:- companyच्या बस ने ( comapny chyA bas ne )
How much time it takes ? 
:- किती वेळ लागतो ? ( kitI veL lAgato ? )
1 hour. 
:- एक तास  ( ek tAs  )
Where do you live ? 
:- राहतोस कुठे ? ( rAhatos kuThe ?)
It is near. At "Rahul Garden City". It is highway touch place. 
:- जवळच. "राहूल Garden City" मध्ये. High-way ला लागूनच आहे
( javaLach. "rAhUl garden city" madhye. "High way" lA lAgUnach Ahe. )
Did you buy flat ?
:- तू घेतला आहेस का flat ?( tU ghetalA Ahes kA "flat" ?)
No. It is rented. 
:- नाही भाड्याचा आहे ( nAhI bhADyAchA Ahe )
Are you looking for house ? 
:- तू बघतोयस का घर ? (tU baghatoyas kA ghar ? )
Yes, search is going on  
:- हो, शोध चालू आहे. ( ho shodh chAlU Ahe. )
My friend booked in "Nature Park". 2BHK 
:- माझ्या मित्राने "nature park" मधे बूक केला. 2BHK ( mAjhyA  mitrAne "nature park" madhe book kelA. "2bhk" )
How much did it cost ? 
:- कितीला पडला ? ( kitIlA paDalA? )
30 Lakhs 
:- तीस लाखाला ( tIs lAkhAlA )
It is cheap then. How much is rate there ? 
:- स्वस्त आहे की. किती Rate आहे तिकडे. ( swast Ahe kI. kitI "rate" aahe tikaDe. )
:- दोन हजार  ( don hajAr  )
I will also go and see it. 
:- मी पण जाउन बघून येईन. ( mI paN jAun baghUn yeIn )
Go for sure. 
:- नक्की जा. (nakkI jA. )
I leave now. I have one meeting now.  
:- चल मी निघतो. आता एक meeting आहे. ( chal mI nighato. AtA ek "meeting" aahe )
OK. What is your number? 
:- OK. तुझा number काय ?( "OK". tujhA "number" kAy ?)
I have your number with me. I give you miss-call 
:-  माझ्या कडे तुझा number आहे. "miss-call"  देतो. ( mAjhyA kaDe tujhA "number" Ahe. "miss-call" deto. )
Fine :- चालेल. ( chalel.)
Bye :– bye ( bye )
Bye :– bye ( bye )

Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts to Learn Marathi. Learn Marathi grammar and many aspects Marathi language online.


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