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--------------------- Why new Dictionary ? ---------------------------------
There are many English-to-Marathi dictionaries available as books or online or in app-form.
But all these dictionaries are for native Marathi person learning English. A Marathi learner seeks information of Marathi word for a given English word.

e.g. For English word “door” Marathi words are दार, दरवाजा.
But knowing just these words are not sufficient for Marathi learner.
He must know that दार is of Neuter gender and दरवाजा is of Masculine gender. Otherwise how can he decide different verb forms in this sentence?
ते दार उघडले.
तो दरवाजा उघडला.

Also in Marathi plural of word is different. E.g. Take words माळ
& चाळ. Both are feminine gender. And both sound almost same. But their plurals are formed differently.
Plural of माळ is माळा  but that of चाळ is not चाळा. It is चाळी.
If one make plural of माळ as माळी; he will be in trouble as माळी means Gardener.
If one makes plural of चाळ as चाळा then he will be in trouble as चाळा means idle habit.
So it is important to know exact plural.

Similarly before adding preposition noun form changes.
e.g Price of garland = माळेची किंमत
Price of chawl = चाळीची किंमत
Form of noun माळ is माळे and form of noun चाळ is चाळी.
Though both nouns are of same gender and sound similar, their form is different.

Thus this dictionary is created from point of view of Marathi learners and currently limited only to NOUNs in Marathi.
It gives details of gender, plural and inflected form of noun to be used with prepositions, and an example with preposition.

If there are more than one synonyms then it provides details of all of them.

An English word can mean differently in different context. So context is mentioned wherever applicable.

School : शाळा shALA 
Gender : Feminine 
Plural :शाळा shALA 
saamanyroop form of singular:शाळे shALe 
saamanyroop form of plural:शाळां shALAM 
Example of singular with preposition:शाळेसाठी shALesAThI 
Example of plural with preposition:शाळांसाठी shALAMsAThI
door : दरवाजा daravAjA 
Gender : Masculine 
Plural :दरवाजे daravAje 
saamanyroop form of singular:दरवाज्या daravAjyA 
saamanyroop form of plural:दरवाज्यां daravAjyAM 
Example of singular with preposition:दरवाज्यासाठी daravAjyAsAThI 
Example of plural with preposition:दरवाज्यांसाठी daravAjyAMsAThI
door : दार dAr 
Gender : Neuter 
Plural :दारे dAre 
saamanyroop form of singular:दारा dArA 
saamanyroop form of plural:दारां dArAM 
Example of singular with preposition:दारासाठी dArAsAThI 

Example of plural with preposition:दारांसाठी dArAMsAThI

At present this dictionary has 1590 English words and 1875 Marathi words. I will keep updating the app to add more and more words.
You may try words "platform", "action","collection" to have  quick test of this dictionary.

So I request you to download and install the dictionary and let me know your feedback.

Let me know your feedback on


Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts discussing many aspects of grammar and Marathi language


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    1. Thanks. Are you learning Marathi using my blog ?

      - Kaushik

  2. This is so useful! I know how to speak marathi ,but I haven't learnt how to write it yet so this blog is really helping me.

    1. Thanks for your comment. May I know your name please. I would like to know more about your feedback. Can you please mail me on learnmarathifast@gmail.com

      - Kaushik

  3. Dear sir
    I have been learning marathi from your blog. Your blog has been a saviour for me. I am able to read and understand marathi well. But when it comes to speaking, i still face problem in framing complex sentences. I have started translating English news and stories to marathi but i never know if I am doing it right or not. :(

    1. Hi Aparna,
      Nice to know about your progress.
      Regarding your problem, can you please mail me on learnmarathifast@gmail.com



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