Simple Marathi Conversation - Informal phone conversation.

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Simple Informal conversation on phone.

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हॅलो ("Hello")
हॅलो ("Hello")
I am Kaushik speaking

मी कौशिक बोलतोय
(mI kaushik bolatoy)
Yes; please go ahead

हं बोला (haM bolA)
Is this number of Joshi

हा जोश्यांचा नंबर आहे ना ?
 (hA joshyAMchA naMbar Ahe nA  )
Is this house of Joshi ?

जोश्यांचं घर ना ? (joshyAMchM ghar nA )
हो (ho)
I wanted to speak with Vaibhav Joshi
मला वैभव जोशी यांच्याशी बोलायचं होतं
 (malA vaibhav joshI yAMchyAshI bolAyachaM hotaM)
He is not at home
ते आत्ता घरात नाहियेत.
(te AttA gharAt nAhiyet)
When will he be back ?
कधी येतील परत ?(kadhI yetIl parat ?)
He will come in evening
संध्याकाळी येतील (saMdhyAkALI yetIl)
Did you have any work with him ?
काही काम होतं का ? (kAhI kAm hotM kA ?)
Yes, wanted to give him a message
हो त्यांना एक निरोप द्यायचा होता
(ho tyAMnA ek nirop dyAyachA hotA)
Tell me. I will tell him once he is back
मला सांगामी त्यांना सांगतो आल्यावर.
(malA sAMgA. mI tyAMnA sAMgato AlyAvar.)
Ok. Tell him that there is club
meeting tomorrow at five in evening
ठीक आहेत्यांना सांगा उद्या क्लबची मीटिंग आहे.
संध्याकाळी पाच वाजता.
(ThIk Ahe. tyAMnA sAMgA udyA klabachI mITiMg Ahe.
saMdhyAkALI pAch vAjatA.)
Where ?
कुठे आहे ? (kuThe Ahe ?)
In park
पार्कमध्ये  (pArkamadhye )
बरं. (barM.)
Just wait for a minute.
Door bell is ringing.
I will open door
एक मिनिट थांबा दाराची बेल वाजत्ये.
मी दार उघडतो.
(ek miniT thAMbA dArAchI bel vAjatye.
mI dAr ughaDato.)
Probably its Vaibhav
बहुतेक वैभवच आला असेल. 
(bahutek vaibhavach AlA asel. )
Hey Mr. Kulakarni, how are you ?
बोला कुलकर्णी साहेबकसे आहात.
(bolA kulakarNI sAheb. kase AhAt.)
I am fine. How are you ?
मी मजेततुम्ही कसे आहात ?
(mI majet. tumhI kase AhAt ?)
I am fine too.
Tell me. What were you up to ?
मी पण मजेतबोला काय काम होतं.
(mI paN majet. bolA kAy kAm hotM.)
Nothing special.
Wanted to tell you about meeting
विशेष काही नाहीमीटिंग बद्दल सांगायचं होतं. 
(visheSh kAhI nAhI.
mITiMg baddal sAMgAyachaM hotaM. )
I came to know about it.
Mr. Rajwade met me.
He told
मला कळलं त्याबद्दलराजवाडे भेटले होते मला.
ते बोलले. 
(malA kaLalM tyAbaddal.
rAjavADe bheTale hote malA.
te bolale. )
बरं झालं. (baraM jhAlM.)
Ok the. See you tomorrow
ठीक आहे भेटू उद्या (ThIk Ahe bheTU udyA.)
Yes, see you
हो भेटुया. (ho bheTuyA.)
bye. (bye.)
Good night
good night (good night)
हॅलो (h~alo)
हॅलो (h~alo)
I am Kaushik speaking.
Can I speak to Vaibhav ?
मी कौशिक बोलतोयवैभव आहेत का?
(mI kaushik bolatoy. vaibhav Ahet kA?)
Who Vaibhav ?
कोण वैभव ? (koN vaibhav ?)
Vaibhav joshi
वैभव जोशी. (vaibhav joshI.)
No. This not number of Joshis
नाही हा जोश्यांचा नंबर नाही.
 (nAhI hA joshyAMchA naMbar nAhI.)
It is 12345678, isn't it ?
१२३४५६७८  आहे ना ? (12345678 ch Ahe nA ?)
No. It is 12345679.
Wrong number.
नाही१२३४५६७९ आहेरॉंग नंबर
(nAhI. 12345679 Ahe. "wrong number")
Ohh. Sorry
अरेसॉरी (are. sorry. )

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  2. Hi Kaushik,

    I'm really enjoying your blog and working through the posts. I was wondering two things about the first conversation. It seems that the pronouns/verbs used for Vaibhav Joshi are third person plural e.g. "te yetil" (they will come) not "to yeil" (he will come). Have I understood correctly? Why is the plural used?

    The other question is about the sentence "malA vaibhav joshI yAMchyAshI bolAyachaM hotM". Could you please explain the significance of "yAMchyAshI" (I apologise if this is something I may have forgotten or missed in an earlier post.

    Best wishes and thanks again for being far and away the best online resource for learning Marathi (in my opinion!)


    1. Hi Jon,
      You are right; I have "the pronouns/verbs used for Vaibhav Joshi are third person plural".
      This is because in Marathi plural is used to indicate respect.
      For details please refer lesson

      "yAMchyAshI" means "with these" ...plural is used for same reason as above.

      I had a quick look at your blogger profile. It was quite exciting to know that you are interested in languages and India.
      I would like to know more abut your Marathi learning and feedback about my blog. Can you please mail me at


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