Frequently faced pronunciation problems in Marathi (Devanagari)

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In previous two lessons viz. 
you have seen Marathi(Devanagari) alphabets and their pronunciation. 

But sometime you may face difficulty in differentiating the sounds of two or more consonants. Especially if your native language does not have these consonants then it needs extra efforts to sense and create these sounds. 

Listening Marathi a lot is the best way to improve. Also one of my blog user - Vladimir from Russia- suggested that it is easy to learn when similar sounding words are spoken together -like a pair. 
My other blog user - Priscilla from U.K, - gave me such a list for त,ट,ठ,थ,द,ढ

So in corresponding video I have given pronunciation of these pairs. I hope it helps.
Let me know if you find it useful and need more such pairs. 

Listen carefully to understand difference between 
ट and त,  ठ and थ; ,द and ढ  etc.

तट / दाट (riverbank / dense)
तरी / दरी (still; even / valley)
दाढ / दात (molar / tooth)
दल / ढाल (army / shield)
खडा / कडा (pebble / cliff)
पंधरा / पांढरा (fifteen / white )
ठार / थर (dead / layer)

Difference between ज and झ 
मी जागा झालो  ( I woke up)
जागा / झगा (place / gown)
जाड / झाड (fat / tree )

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  1. White and Fifteen are written in reverse order.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I have rectified it.
      May I know your name please.
      Are you learning marathi using my blog ?

      - kaushik

  2. This is an amazing website! Thank you for your service

    1. You are welcome Alex. Are you learning Marathi using my blog ?


    2. Hi Kaushik,

      I am using your blog, but I am a novice. I definitely prefer it to the other content online.

    3. Hi Alex, thats great to know.
      I would like to know more about your Marathi learning and experience of my blog so far. Can you please send me mail


  3. I am tenth standard student this is my academic year I am weak in marathi I really want to learn marathi

    1. This blog will surely help you to learn Marathi. But from exam point of view you should take professional help. This blog will not suffice.
      - Kaushik

    2. where is vocabulary


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