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  • On 16th Feb 2017 the renowned newspaper Indian Express published article about these language learning resources

  • On 6th Feb the popular Marathi TV news channel IBN-Lokmat interviewed me at Dombivli. I was accompanied by Jon - a British PhD student - who has successfully learned Marathi using my blog. The interview was aired same day.


  • On 24th Feb 2018 Marathi weekly "Zee Marathi Disha" had published article 

  • On 27th Feb 2018 Lokmat newspaper published article on their website version

  • Before that on 5th Feb the popular Marathi newspaper "Lokmat" had published an article about movements for betterment of Marathi language. My blog & I were mentioned specially.See the highlighted part of below news.
You can read it online at  

  • On 7th Feb the official Twitter handle of prestigious Marathi news paper "Loksatta" twitted as follows.
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  • On same day 7th Feb the prestigious Marathi newspaper "Sakal" published an article about Jon, his Marathi learning through my blog.

For clear reading view it online at 

  • 15th Feb edition of popular Marathi weekly also published news. It talked about my background, interaction with Jon - a British PhD student - who has successfully learned Marathi using my blog. It also gave details about Jon's PhD in anthropology and interest in language learning.    

  • On 5th June 2017 the Marathi news paper "Divya Marathi" published article about my Marathi and Gujarati learning activities as follows.
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