Combining consonants with ह(h)-मराठी जोडाक्षरे Part 3

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In previous chapter we started learning Marathi jodakshar i.e combining consonants in Marathi. This chapter focuses on Combining consonants with र(r)

ह(h) is a consonant which is not generally added with other consonants. I mean, there are very few words in which ह(h) is first consonant and so to be pronounced half.

We can denote half sound of ह(h) by standard way of giving slanting line below ह(h) i.e. ह्‌

But there are few peculiar ways in which such combined sound is written traditionally
ह(h) + य (y) = ह्य (hy)
ह(h) + म (m) = ह्म(hm)
ह(h) + न (n) = ह्न(hn)

In computer font I could not make it look as exact as written by hand. So check this image. 

support -> साह्य ( sAhy )
external -> बाह्य (bAhy)
Brahman -> ब्राह्मण ( brAhmaN )A ritual  -> आह्निक (Ahnik )

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