Practise Marathi online ! Let's talk on Skype or Hangout

On the occasion of Maharashtra Day (1st May 2018), I am introducing new facility for Marathi learners. I would like to interact with them on web-chats, practice conversation, answer their queries. The timings can be decided based on mutual convenience. As a pilot project I will keep it free of cost as of now.
Share with your friends, relatives, colleagues who want to Learn Marathi !!


  1. Hi. I really found it useful. Real time conversation - hangouts , helps learn it effectivley and memorize the words. Hope I learn perfect marathi soon. Thanks kaushik for your thus initiative.

    1. Wow !! Excellent then; we will keep going. Within few months you will see you have reached quite high in fluency.

  2. My journey with Marathi commences from today onwards. I hope I will reach the stage of hangout conversations and other real time practices soon.